Things can change so fast right?


We could really experience it this year while a year ago we were still celebrating the new year coming and had lots of hope… In a few days everything stopped clean to leave us in a profund loneliness each on our sides…

Well what about our habits? Of course they changed, we now definitely always have something in the fridge to fill up our empty stomack after a long day, we all wear masks like it is totally normal even our kids are not afraid… and we all want to consume differently trying to help our local workers so they can have a future.

Ok but we all need a break… and that what we want to offer you with our tours..
A break far from work, far from home, far from home-work, far from our habits… but still trying to travel smart helping the entrepreneurs, the art craft makers, the producers in our different regions…

Well that is what we can help you find with our website and our tailor made agency gathering more than 600 adresses around France to find the best spot for you at the winery!

Either you want to travel with your family, either you want to privatize a wine estate, either you want to get married in a place that counts… Wine&Spirit Lodging, the one and only specialized travel agency for accomodation and wine tours at the winery is here to help you!
So do not hesitate to contact us to start planning your future home break, to ask for more information or just to say hello!

Take care of yourselves and we wish you all a nice end of year and a happy new year 2021!
Sonia FERCHAUD, CEO Wine&Spirit Lodging